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Built-IN is where our stakeholders get to know ABOUT our STORY and BRAND

Our Brand Name Etymology

SALŪS is a Latin word that symbolizes “Prosperity” in its broadest, most comprehensive, and powerful sense: social, environmental, and economic.

It exemplifies the impacts of our designs and embodies the value propositions that its carries.

SALŪS represents the authenticity of our brand and the globality of our services.

The Journey

Since 2015, the world and the region has fast-forwarded to a more ambitious action plan: to de-carbonisation of the Built Environment.


From 2015 to 2021, as Green Buildings have exponentially grown as a critical mobiliser of Climate Action and Community Wellbeing in emerging markets, our leadership continued to gain knowledge, field experiences and capacity in Green Buildings.


 In 2021, it was time to launch: Salūs, Global with a mission to advance a genuine Sustainable  Built Environment,  and a Responsible Real-estate ecosystem. With focus on the promulgation of Audits, Certifications and Ratings in the Egyptian market and the MENA Region, among others.


The Aspiration & Vision

SALūS Aspiration  is to curate the new market for Innovative Sustainable Built Environment, through an impactful transformational footprint.


This new market space is aimed to bring together all stakeholders concerned behind common goals in their respective fields, and towards the Global Climate Actions and Local Communities Wellbeing.

Choose RIGHT . Live SMART . Be WELL

Commitment & Mission

SALūS Mission is to promote, mobolise and advance  green practices throughout the Life Cycle of Buildings, Projects, Communities and Cities through design, development,  retrofitting, disposal & recycle, operations & maintenance.


Our transformational and curated services provide each of our stakeholders with benchmark solutions, across the entirety of the Value Chain: Green Procurement, Smart Climate Technologies, Green Leasing, Green Designs, Responsible Construction, and Sustainable Real estate.

Design GREEN . Build ECO . Create EDGE

Your Tailored Masterplan

In SALūS, our core role is to assess our clients’ business practices and guide them towards  the most suitable solutions that are adaptable to the national conditions and to the client’s brand and vision. We advise them on measures, strategies, choices of Certifications or Ratings; all of which provide path and contribution towards Carbon Reduction and Net Zero Commitment.


Aspirations to Actions
Vision to Innovation

Connect with us for an

ambitious and  progressive tour into:

The New Sustainable Built Environment Momentum,

The Long-term Market and Bushiness Impacts,

Market Motivation and Global Commitment, and

The Way Forward


Ethos & Values

We value and empower a culture of :  

  1. Integrity & Commitment

  2. Credibility & Quality

  3. Professionalism & Collaboration

  4. Innovation & Knowledge transfer

  5. Standards Setting

  6. Pro-activity and Engagement

  7. Leading by model

Lasting Impacts

The company’s “Mission” is supported by an Academy and Internship opportunities for the younger generations of engineers, architects and emerging Sustainability Professionals, providing them with international experience, while addressing the regional and local contexts.

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