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Climate-SQUARE is where Stakeholders know about Services 

Your Partner

Our Services
Your Aspirations

Modern Architecture

Serving Our Stakeholders

Across disciplines, geographies & Industries


For Clients, Communities and Climate

Our Signature Designs

  1. Climate Centered

  2. People Inspired

  3. Cultural Aspired

  4. Functional Driven

  5. Aesthetically Powered

  6. Technology Focused

  7. Innovatively Stimulated

Our Collaborators

Architects & Engineers

Regulators & Certifying Bodies

Advisors & Industry Professionals

Banks & Financing Organizations

Engineers and Businesspeople

Our Signature Services

1.       Green Architectural Designs

2.     Optimized Sustainable Retrofitting

3.     Responsible Construction

4.     Sustainable Materials Assessment

5.     Green Fit-outs and Procurement

6.     Value Engineering Efficiency Reporting

7.     Sustainable Design Strategy

8.     Supportive Climate Technologies

9.     Auditing and Certification

10.     Training and Capacity Building

11.     Advocacy, Networking and

Jewel Changi Airport glass shell.jpg

Combining the expertise of our Board, Executives, and Advisors, SALūS brings: 

  • Client–tailored, One-stop solutions.

  • Global Standards addressing national challenges.

  • Experts in the local and international markets.

  • Supporting Collaborators across the supply chains.

  • Partnerships with key Climate Action & Environmental performers.

  • Longstanding relations with standards-setters, financing entities and solutions providers.


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