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Those who have the privilege to know
have the duty to act.
Albert Einstein

MEET The Board

SALūS leadership is composed of a team of subject-matter experts in multiple fields: Architecture and Engineering, Sustainability Auditing, Energy Management, Environmental and Social Impact Assessment, Policies and Strategies setting, among many more.


SALūS Founding Members are well-versed experts in their fields, and each has his/her own established businesses; yet since 2014, Green Buildings and Sustainable Cities were the core of their interests. They are currently overseeing Projects Consultations and Assessments for some of the largest Real estate and Construction companies in Egypt.


Empowered by 25+ years of market expertise and joined by profound shared values, they aim to advance the practices of Green Buildings & Sustainable Cities in Egypt and the region as an integral part of the

Global Climate Action & Race to Zero.

"The best way to predict the future is to design it" - Buckminster Fuller

Ms. May Elwany



Dr. Ehab Shalaby

Board Member

Chief Business Officer

Prof. Dr. Bassel Kamel

Board Member

Mr. Ahmed Ramez

Board Member

Chief Financial Officer

Eng. Ahmed El Erian

Board Member

Chief Technical Officer

Mr. Ahmed Badawy

Board Member


SALūS Advisors are our Partners of Success. They are prominent experts in their fields, and each has his/her own established careers and businesses. They support the company with advice and guidance across all corporate and sustainability fields, including Design Innovation, Design & Innovation, Technologies & Data Science, Marketing & Branding, and Corporate Communication.

Dr. Abdallah El-Erian

Urban Development

Arch. Ehab Mokhtar

Design & Innovation

Eng. Dina M. Amr

Sustainable Built Materials

Dr. Sahar Attia

Urban Design

Ms. Marwa Alaa. E.

Corporate Communication

Dr. Nasser Ayoub

Climate Impact

Ms. Rana El-Faramawy

Marketing & Branding

Eng. Yahya El Sherif 

Technologies & Data Science


SALūS Technical and Administrative Teams are well-versed professionals.

Through an inclusive, disciplined and agile working environment, they enable the company to provide the best-in-class innovative services to our clients, and an authentic collaboration with all stakeholders.

Through them and with them, our company celebrate a new opportunity every day !


Engineering Team

Ahmed Magdy

Principal Engineer

Ahmed Halim

Principal Architect

Karim Madkour

Senior Engineer


Ibrahim Nabil

Senior Architect

Management & Operations Team

Noha Youssef

Projects Manager

Heba Easa

Senior Admin Executive

Ahmed Abdel Fatah

IT Chief Executive

Aly Abdallah

FM Chief Executive

Merihan Magdy

Junior Legal Executive

Doaa Abdel Naby

Client Service

Ibrahim Abbas

General Associate

Abu Bakr Seddik

General Associate

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